Sunday, 11 May 2014

An ode to my mother..

I held my mother's finger as a toddler,
When she rejoiced my first step and my first jump.
Pictures were clicked quickly
When into father I would bump!
My mother held my hand 
When into my primary school we walked,
With no understanding of life,
On it my innocence mocked!
We did not hold hands
As we stepped into my college.
Of life's responsibilities and duties on my shoulder,
I carried a heavy baggage.
We hugged when I got a job,
Adding to my family's income.
With loads of over-timings and insomnia,
Success and promotions was the expected outcome.
Now I hold her hand 
When in the park we take a walk
This results from the irony brought by
The moving hands of the clock!
When she grows weak
I'll lift her in my arms.
With the same love and care
With which she protected me from all harms.

Monday, 5 May 2014

The mania of the maniacs!

Chetan Bhagat mania is fast catching up amongst the Indian youth. But has Chetan Bhagat been successful in luring the crowd towards writing?? To some extent yes, to some extent no! I say yes because of the ever increasing pile of books by young college graduates I see every month when I walk into the bookstore. I say no because baring a few, all these books are written on 'love', a topic of Chetan's interest for his 5 consecutive books! It is just a personal view that Mr. Bhagat too could not write all of them in the same ink. And then, he had to change the ink's colour to that which spoke about other, and for me, more important issues of the youth. But the newbies are still wanting to generate newer versions of five point someone with much lower success rate! So, am I going to write a love story in future? Well not really! And do you ask me why? Let me assure you that it is not because of my desire to stand apart from the crowd and become a Chetan Bhagat of an altogether different domain. It is because, I think love stories are only interesting as long as you come to know of them through reading or watching movies. 99% real life love stories have a sad ending. And I would always want to all my write-ups, big or small to have a happy ending! Optimism! Well, that keeps me going! I have written as a child, I have a written as a teenager, I am writing as a youth, I will write as a lady, I will write as a mother and I will write as a grandmother!! Well, I guess, by that time, I'll lose the energy to hold a pen or press these little keys on the keyboard. But! Oh yes! What will I write on? Well, I am an aquarian by birth and at heart too. I am a happy-go-lucky person (am I blabbering?? Even if I am, continue reading further!). I write on what I like and what strikes me at the moment. I have written on love, I have written on relationships(and please do keep in mind that there are other relationships too besides having a soul mate!)  and I have written on life in general. I go by what my heart and mind say in unison. So, when in future you see my photographs clicked when I am releasing my book, please don't categorize me as a writer of a specific genre. I will always have a surprise for you. And well that will have its own share of advantages too! I will be read by people to know what have I written every time I write a new book! So for now, I'll let Mr. Bhagat do his own job and hey! the newbies! I have a small advice for you..please look at life from other lenses too..or rather..'through the looking glass'!!